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Blasty continuously monitors Google for illegal copies of
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illegal torrents, plagiarism, duplicate content... Blasty finds it all for you.

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“Blasty works as advertised! Easy, simple interface that integrates right into Google's search results.
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Joe Hanley Creator of Syntorial - Synthesizer Training Software

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Libby Hellmann Best-selling crime author

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Blasty lets us easily automate the process with an increased efficiency. Illegal downloading of our content
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Boris Schrenzel Self-help content publisher and owner at Blue Steel Interactive

“It's a useful service. The last thing I want is potential customers to be confused
about where to download/buy my books, or even worse, sign on to a site
that delivers malware or business scams.”

Ian Lamont Founder & publisher of In 30 MinutesĀ® guides

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